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When i called Total Detox Friend, I got to speak with the owner directly. He was compassionate and very knowledgeable. After discussing why i needed the detox, he confidently told me i wouldn't need the detox. My system would be cleared before i even took my test! He told me he didn't want me to pay money for something i didn't need! He was right! If i ever need his services in the future, I will totally call him again. He was very friendly and gave me peace of mind! Since then, I've referred 4 people to Total Friendly Detox. I feel good referring them to such a great company that really is trying to help people! Thank you Total Detox Friend! Trey

Well TDF!!! THE CLEANSE REALLY WORKED!!!!!!!!!  Your cleansing process removed all the alcohol out of my system!! You should start advertising that for the benefit of your BUSINESS! I CLEANSED MY BODY OF ETHANOL!
I am out of that probationary period in my life that was holding me back. Thanks!
N.S Iowa 2015

I recently contacted you and purchased the Total Detox Friend package. It worked wonderfully! I was so nervous when I first started the cleansing process, but it turned out great. I also had to do a Oral Detox Cleanse the next week. You guys hooked me up at no additional charge and it felt great. I have referred a few people to you that need real help also and am sure you will take care of them as you did me. I love my Total Detox Friend. Best money I spent in a long time.

Dustin Walter,